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The show season is now full with the limit of 18 shows scheduled.  Please check the show schedule tab for all show information.

IL 04 news:
Weather cancelled the 2 day show at the Green River Saddle Club in Amboy for the 2nd time this year.  For the last show of the 2014 season, IL 04 was able to sanction at Runnin 3 Ranch in Rockford on Sunday, October 5.  With a big crowd for the day and 108 in the open class, Tamber Babler held the fastest time for IL 04 in the open class with her 2nd place win.  Jim Campbell had the fastest time for IL 04 in the senior class, and Taylor Skromme, Jade Ansteth, and Olivia Harvell all placed in the top 5 of the youth.  Ground was in great shape for some fast horses and fast times.  Thank you Runnin 3 Ranch for another very nice NBHA show on short notice.
The top 5 members receiving NBHA IL 04 year end awards will be as follows:
in case of a tie - went to the member who attended the most shows in 2014
Taylor Skromme
Jim Hankins
Tamber Babler
Vicky Nutter
Derek Diedrich
Jim Hankins
Dusty Pyse
Tyler Hill
Derek Diedrich
Megan Windish
Jade Ansteth
Courtney Engle
Wyatt Johnson
Tammy Engle
Dusty Pyse
Tiarra Paschall
Marilyn Springer
Heather Lipford
Chuck Springer
Heather Urban
Jim Hankins
Tammy Engle
Jim Campbell
Charlotte Wall
Vicky Nutter
Tammie Kear
Tammy Engle
Terilynn Beyer
Vicky Nutter
Chuck Springer
Julie Didlinger
Kim Vandermyde
Chuck Springer
Kina Duke
Terilynn Beyer
Taylor Skromme
Jade Ansteth
Megan Windish
Brittney Schroeder
Stormy Johnson
Taylor Skromme
Jade Ansteth
Marisa Kapala
Brittney Schroeder
Carlie Miller
Marisa Kapala
Riley Tillet
Sylvia Hasz
Aubrey Yarger
Jade Ansteth
IL 04 year end awards will be held on November 15 at Black Hawk College in Galva after the show is over.  Mark your calendars and plan to attend.  Showbill   bhc.jpg
For the last show of the 2014 season, there will be a potluck at Green River Saddle Club on Saturday night after the show.  Please bring something to share.  Plates and utensils will be provided.
The Fulton County Speed show has a brand new arena.  Jim Hankins placed 2nd in the open class and also won the senior.  Jade Ansteth placed 2nd in the youth class.  Thanks to a great show committee for a nice show and thanks to all who supported the silent auction held during the show.  The proceeds from the auction will be used to build an announcers stand.  
The 2 day show at Rawlings saw a good crowd with over 100 entries in the open each day.  The show also averaged 50 entries in the youth both days. Saturdays results saw Taylor Skromme placed 2nd in the open, Vicky Nutter won the senior class and Taylor Skromme won the youth.  On Sunday, Vicky Nutter won the open class, Cal Vandermyde placed 2nd in the senior and Taylor Skromme won the youth.  Fast horses and good ground made for a nice show.  Thanks to all who helped during the show and special thanks to Tom Wall for doing the announcing.  Brian Ruder did another great job on the ground and thanks to Roger and Vicky Rawlings for sponsoring the 7th annual egg toss.  We are lucky to have this facility in our area.
Because of heavy rain, the Fulton County speed show was rescheduled to Sept 27 - same showbill only different date.  
Sunday had great weather for the Veterans Memorial Barrel show held at the fairgrounds in Rushville.  Taylor Skromme placed 2nd in the open class, Charlotte Wall placed 2nd in the senior class, and Stormy Johnson won the youth class and also had the fastest time of the day.  Thanks to all who helped make this show such a success, good ground and a nice run show.
The Circle G Arena Labor Day weekend shows had some good barrel racing along with some hot weather.  The show on Saturday had Derek Diedrich, riding Tipsy, and Tamber Babler, riding Swagger, placed 3rd and 4th in the open 4-D class.  Jim Hankins won the senior class and Stormy Johnson and Jade Ansteth tied for first place in the youth class.  On Sunday, the winner of the saddle was Cari Hill, riding Buddy, having the fastest time of the day in the open 4-D class.  Derek Diedrich, on Dash was 2nd and Tamber Babler on Swagger placed 3rd.  Wyatt Johnson, riding Razzle Dazzle, won the 3rd division championship plaque in the open class.  Vicky Nutter, on Jeff, won the senior class and Jade Ansteth, riding Streaker, won the youth.  Ground was fast and thanks to all who helped make the Dan Griffith Circle G Arena Labor day show such a success.
Rain and storms cancelled the Bureau County Fair in Princeton.  This show will not reschedule for this year.  
The Fulton County Speed Show has been added to the show schedule on Sept 13 at the Lewistown County Fairgrounds.  This show will be a replacement for the cancelled show in Princeton.  
What a nice weekend of barrel racing.  The Pec Fair had a great crowd with 116 in the open class and Cari Hill placed 1st and Bill Johnson placed 2nd.  Duane Diedrich, on Chub, won the senior class and Courtney Campbell placed 2nd in the youth class.  Thanks to John Spray for doing such a wonderful job on the ground and to the show committee for putting on another great fair show.
Runnin 3 Ranch saw a new arena record broken by Cari Hill, who won the class, Michelle Bogdonas was 2nd, and Stormy Johnson placed 3rd.  Jim Campbell placed 2nd in the senior class.  In the youth class, Jade Ansteth won the class, Brittney Schroeder placed 2nd, Jessica Sears was 3rd and Wyatt Johnson placed 4th.  Once again, another very nice show with fast ground.  A big thank you goes out to Nicole Renwick and Guardian Bedding for sponsoring the open 4-D class and also for giving away such great prizes.  Another thank you goes to Lori Blum and Ed Diaz for putting on their second NBHA show for this year.
We had very sad news of losing Sixarun Ryan at the age of 18, but his off-spring are still highly competitive.  Cari Hill, riding JTD Ryans War Buddy, won the Open 1-D both Saturday at the Pec Fair, and also setting a new arena record on Sunday, at Runnin 3 Ranch.
Perfect weather made for another great barrel race at the Whiteside Co Fair.  Michelle Bogdonas ran the fastest time of the day to win the Open 4-D race.  Jim Hankins won the senior class and Aubrey Bush held the fastest time for the IL 04 members, placing 3rd in the 1-D in the youth class with Sylvia Hasz placing 4th in the 1-D youth.  Cal Vandermyde is the superintendent for this show, and with his show committee, did a great job of putting on a very nice show.  
Make sure to pre-enter for the Whiteside Co Fair show in Morrison.  Pre-entries due in secretary's office by Aug 8 to avoid a $20 late fee charge.
The July 5 show held at Circle G had some weather issues.  The youth class had dry ground.  Taylor Skromme, Brittney Schroeder, Megan Windish, Haley McWhorter all saw the top 5 fastest times.  Then the drizzle began and continued off and on until the open and the senior class.  With the rain coming down a little harder, Tamber Babler placed 2nd in the open class, Vicky Nutter was 3rd.  With the tractor not being able to come in and drag, the ground still held very well. Charlotte Wall placed 2nd in the senior class.  Thanks to all who helped with this show and we will do it all again at Circle G for the 2 day Labor Day weekend show.
The Henry County Fair show saw fast times in the big pen.  The top 3 in the open class were Duane Diedrich riding Chub, Jim Hankins riding Flex, and Colton Curtis riding Shooter.  Duane rolled his time over to win the senior class.  Anna Vershaw riding Rebel had the fastest time to win the youth class and Taylor Skromme on Sizzlin Hot Bug was 2nd.  Thanks to all the Henry Co Fair show committee on a nicely run show and also thanks to Todd Wheelbarger for doing a great job on the ground.  

The Green River Saddle Club in Amboy has moved their 2 day show to October 4 & 5.

Circle G has moved their July show dates to July 5 & 6.  July 5 will be the only day for NBHA IL 04 sanction.  

The May show is over at Rawlings and competition was pretty tough.  With 116 entries in the open class, Derek Diedrich held the 2nd fastest time on Saturday with Molly Johnson finishing 4th.  Cal Vandermyde and Jim Hankins placed in the top 4 of the
senior class.  Taylor Skromme, Jade Ansteth, Brittney Schroeder and Jessica Sears all placed in the 1-D top 5 of the youth class.  Vicky Nutter, Taylor Skromme and Summer Northcutt held the top 5 1-D spots on Sunday in the open class.  Jim Hankins won the senior and Taylor Skromme won the youth class.  A big thank you to all who helped during the show, setting barrels, helping in the office, working the gate and big thank you to Tom Wall for doing some announcing.    

There have been a few corrections on the points from BHC, Runnin 3 Ranch and Diamond G, most were new members who were not on my list.  Please check and make sure your points 
are correct.  

Weekend weather was very nice for the first Runnin 3 Ranch show for 2014.  Taylor Skromme, riding Sizzlin Hot Bug, held the fast time for 1st place in the open class.  Taylor also finished 2nd in the youth class.  Jim Hankins, riding Nickers, won the senior class.  

A huge thanks to all who donated in any way to the food stand at Diamond G.  Weather was a bit on the cool side but the sun came out to finish out the weekend.  Taylor Skromme was the fastest IL 04 member in the open class, placing 3rd in the 1-D and Terilynn Beyer placed 4th in the 1-D.  Jim Hankins placed 3rd in the senior and Courtney Campbell placed 2nd in the youth with Taylor Skromme placing 3rd.
Our first sanctioned show was held at Black Hawk College on Sunday, April 27.  This was the last show of the spring speed series. Dusty Pyse, riding Mouse, won the 2nd division but held the fastest time for the IL 04 members during the open.  Vicky  Nutter, riding Jeff, won the senior class and Mary Tegler, riding Charlie, finished 4th in the 1-D but held the fastest time for the IL 04 members in the youth class.   Nikki Klein won the 1-D Champion series belt buckle and Jim Hankins won both the 2-D and 3-D Champion series belt buckles.  These buckles went to the highest point earner for the speed series in each division.  
A big thank you to the College and the show committee for hosting such a nice show.
New for this year:  Circle G Arena will be having a 2 day show held July 4th and July 5th.
Page 8 of the February 2014 issue of Barrel Horse News had a nice piece about Danny Griffith written by Josh Griffith.  
There will not be a 2 day show held at the Tri-state Rodeo arena in Ft Madison, IA this year - renovations are underway this summer. 
Two members still have 2013 awards to pick up - Del Nutter and Duane Diedrich.  Please let me know when you can get them.

The NBHA would like to profile NBHA Directors and NBHA members in each issue of the Barrel Horse News.  If you would like to be included in this feature, please submit your information and a photo to:
Teri Lee @ Barrel Horse News
PO Box 471790
Fort Worth  TX  76147

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Thats all for now.


Keep the faith - Tammie

NBHA news:
New for NBHA 2014:

1.  District points will be 
awarded on the 5-D format, 
all in 1/2 second divisions.  
This is only for the points 
getting sent to the Georgia 
office.  This will open up & 
allow more people to qualify 
for the World Shows.  This 
district (IL 04) will continue 
to accumulate points in the 
same format as we have 
done - 4-D for the open 
class and 3-D for the youth 
and seniors.  

2.  NBHA is re-instating the 
one year membership 
requirement in order to use 
a transferred wildcard.  This 
applies to anyone using a 
wildcard they did not them-
selves win.

3.  There will be a Super 
Senior class at the World 
Show open to all NBHA 
members age 60 or over on 
the day of the show.  No 
district qualifications or 
wildcards are required to 
participate in this class.

4.  At NBHA World, National 
& State shows, which use 
the two-go and finals format,
riders may qualify any 
number of horses per 
division to the finals.
Previously riders were limited 
to two horses per division.