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IL 04 can have 18 shows scheduled for the 2016 season. Please check the show schedule tab for all show information.

IL 04 news:
Good luck to all IL 04 members heading to the IL NBHA State show on Oct 14-16.  
With the 2016 show season ending after the weekend shows at Wenona, the top 5 year end award winners have been posted.  The IL 04 2016 year end awards will be held at Black Hawk College after the horse show in November.  Date to come.
A fun weekend at Wenona for the rescheduled Wenona Days barrel race on Saturday and the co-sanctioned show held on Sunday.  On Saturday, Johnny Johnson held the lead to win the open class and also rolled his time to win the Seniors.  Keiarra Peters held the fastest IL 04 time for the youth class.  The Sunday show was sponsored by the Wild Hearts Boutique, donating a very nice buckle to the open average winner.  Johnny Johnson, once again, held the fastest time to win the open and again, also rolled his time to win the senior class.  Johnny Johnson, riding I Be A Jaguar, won the open average buckle.  Stormy Johnson won the youth class.  
The town of Wenona is such a great host to the barrel racing crowd with food, fun, a bonfire, and great vocals by Daniel Blanchette on Saturday night.  A special thanks to the Dan Hill family for the ground prep and the ground work both days.  Thanks to all who helped make the weekend shows a success, all the arena help, and Dan and Sally Bane for the clean up after the show.  Looking forward to 2017 for another weekend.
Weather was not a factor at Rawlings 4Rocks Arena for the September weekend shows.  Just a bit of rain on Friday night but sunny weather for the rest of the weekend.  Vicky Nutter laid down a run that saw the fastest time of the weekend on Saturday to win the open class out of 172 entries.  She rolled her time to also win the senior class.  Rachel Windish won the youth class, beating 56 other youth runners.  Ground was fast.
On Sunday, with 165 entries, Vicky Nutter, once again, held the fastest time to win the open class with the top 5 fastest times all coming from IL 04.  Donna Irvin, Johnny Johnson, Jim Hankins and Rachel Windish all saw a 1-D top 5 times.  Vicky Nutter rolled her time to win the senior class.  With 64 entries in the youth class, Rachel Windish held the fastest time to win the class.  Tough competition, good ground and a great facility to run in - thank you to all who helped make the show run smoothly and volunteered their time to set a barrel or open the gate.  Also thanks to all who donated to the silent auction.  Thanks to Roger and Vicki Rawlings for the use of the facility and Brian Ruder for all his time to work the ground.  
IL 04 T-shirts for sale - short sleeve $13 long sleeve $20.  
Trailer decals - small $5 large $10
Please get your stall reservations in for the weekend show at Rawlings 4R Arena on Sept 17-18.  Text only to Vicki Rawlings.  Please be considerate and notify of any change in plans if you end up not using your reserved stall(s).  There will be open arena until 7:30 Friday night.  There will be a jackpot on Friday night with $200 added.  Friday night and weekend showbill are posted.  Make plans to eat at the Farmhouse on Saturday night - great food with good friends.  
The Green River Saddle Club held the annual potluck on Saturday night before the speed show on Sunday.  It was a great feast.  The show on Sunday had hot and humid weather.
 Vicky Nutter won the senior class and Keiarra Peters held the fastest IL 04 time in the youth.  The rain came at the beginning of the open class and Vicky Nutter, running in the rain, won the open class with the fastest time of the day.  With Vicky running a 15.271, Molly Johnson was the only other person to get in the 1-D.    Thanks to all the members of the Green River Saddle Club for their hard work - its a great place to show. 
The Bureau County Fair show in Princeton was rained out.

Runnin 3 Ranch held another great show and saw 111 in the open class with some very tough competitors.  Lori Blum held the fastest IL 04 time in the open.  Bonnie Henry Bucholz won the senior class and Taylor Skromme won the youth.  A big Thank You to Runnin 3 Ranch, Lori Blum, Ed Diaz, and the show crew for hosting such a nice show.  Ground was fast and the tacos were fantastic.

The Whiteside County Fair show saw sunny skies and ground was good.  Molly Johnson held the fastest time to win the open class, Duane Diedrich won the senior and Kiearra Peters won the youth class.  Thanks to Cal Vandermyde for having this nice fair show and thanks to everyone who pitched in to help during the show.

Another change to the IL 04 show schedule:  the Labor Day show at Circle G Arena in Knoxville has been cancelled for 2016.  To replace that slot we will be sanctioning with IL 01 at the Wenona shows held the first weekend of October.

The Ft Madison weekend of barrel racing saw great weather and fast times.  With 164 in the open on Saturday, Jessica Sears held the fastest IL 04 time for that day.  Becky Johnson held the fastest IL 04 time in the senior class and Jessica Sears rolled her time from the open to hold the fastest IL 04 time for the youth.  The times were faster on Sunday and Brittany Johnson was the only one to clock a 17 second pattern.  With 138 entries on Sunday, Brittany won the open and had the fastest time for the weekend with a 17.927.  Jim Hankins won the senior class and Jessica Sears won the youth class.  Ron Stevenson did a marvelous job on the ground and co sanctioning a show with Kayla Scholtus and the Iowa NBHA district 05 is always a very nice, well run show.  Thanks to all for a great weekend of barrel racing.  
Below you will find where to pre-enter for the Whiteside County Fair show held in Morrison on August 17.  Pre-entries are encouraged for this show to avoid a late fee.

  MORRISON – Premium books for the 146th Annual Whiteside County Fair, which runs August 16th – 20th are now available at banks throughout the county.  Over $119,000 in premiums will be offered in prize money to the winners in over 1,500 different classes. 

  The fair premium book serves as a road map to the fair and all of the shows and events, along with providing the entry forms and processing information necessary to enter the dozens of judged competition classes.

  NOW AVAILABLE – ON LINE ENTRIES.  The Whiteside County Fair now accepts Visa and MasterCard for entries and ticket purchases.  You can make your entries online by following the premiums link at www.whitesidecountyfair.org and use your Visa or MasterCard for payment.  All the information you need to get ready for the Whiteside County Fair is at your fingertips on our website.


The stalls for the Ft Madison show are sold out but please sign up to be on the waiting liist.  If you end up not using your stall, please be courteous and make them available to others.  Call or text Kayla Schoultus 641 660-9321.  We will need volunteers to help set barrels both days. 
To help support the IL 04 district we do have NBHA IL 04 t-shirts for sale.  Short sleeve (in raspberry color) $13 and long sleeve (in black and also raspberry) $20.  You can also show your support with a IL 04 car decal $5 or a trailer decal $10.
Another weekend of awesome ground and fast horses at the 4 Rocks Arena in Delavan.  The Go For Broke Productions ran a very nice show with $1200 added to the open class each day.  With 139 entries on Saturday in the open class, Taylor Skromme held the top IL 04 time with her second place finish.  Derek Diedrich was right behind her, finishing 3rd.  Jim Hankins held the fastest IL 04 time in the senior class and Taylor Skromme, again, held the fastest IL 04 time in the youth class.  With 115 entries, Bill Johnson help the top IL 04 time on Sunday in the open class, Jim Hankins had the top IL 04 time in the senior and Gavin Cagle held the fastest IL 04 in the youth class.  Thanks to Lynde Johnson and her staff for sanctioning with IL 04 on this nicely run show and thanks to the 4Rocks Arena and Brian Ruder for their hard work to make another great weekend of barrel racing.
A great weekend of barrel racing at the Runnin 3 Ranch and NITHEA at Diamond G Arena.  Saturday's races at Runnin 3 Ranch saw 118 in the open with tough competition and fast times.  Olivia Harvell held the fastest time for the IL 04 member in the open and she rolled her time to win the youth class.  Vicky Nutter won the senior class.
On Sunday, at Diamond G Arena, with sunny skies, Lori Blum held the fastest IL 04 time in the open class.  Johnny Johnson won the senior class and Jessica Sears held the fastest time for IL 04 in the youth class. 
A huge thank you to everyone who donated in any way to the food stand and thanks to Terilynn and Rick Beyer and family for giving up their day to run it.
A big thank you to Pete O'Rorke for doing the ground at these shows.  Great job!
The NBHA sanction has been pulled from the Winnebago Co Fair show in Pecatonica so we will now sanction the October 1 show to be held at Wenona.  This will be a great opportunity to get a show in before the IL NBHA show held mid October.
Please help support the food stand at Diamond G Arena on Sunday May 15.  Donations of baked goods and/or drinks will be appreciated. 
The weekend races held at Rawlings 4R Arena saw a big crowd.  Saturday's open class had 131 entries and Taylor Skromme, Brittany Johnson, Johnny Johnson and Don Robinson held the fastest IL 04 times in that class.  The top 3 senior riders were Johnny Johnson, winning the class, with Don Robinson and Becky Johnson rounding out the top 3.  The youth class had 56 entries and Mary Tegler held the fastest IL 04 time, with Wyatt Johnson, Stormy Johnson, and Brittney Schroeder all right behind her.
On Sunday, Brittany Johnson held the fastest IL 04 time in the open class, Becky Johnson won the senior class, and Mary Tegler, Taylor Skromme and Jessica Sears with the fastest IL 04 times in the youth.  Thanks to all for a great weekend.  Special thanks to the Rawlings and Brian Ruder for working the ground.  Thanks too for everyone who helped set a barrel and work the gates.  
The 2016 show season got started at Black Hawk College on Saturday, April 23.  The weather was picture perfect and thanks to all the staff and students for putting on a very well run show.  With 86 in the open, Jim Hankins held the fastest time for IL 04.  Johnny Johnson won the senior and Hope Moreland won the youth class.  
Here is some news from the NBHA headquarters:
The entry form for the NBHA Youth World is in the April issue of the Barrel Horse News magazine.  The Youth World show does conduct an NBHA Idol contest that is great fun and an opportunity to win money.  There is also a Spirit parade for each state that attends.  For all other members, NBHA does have an official NBHA facebook page and you can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram.  Tanya Steinhoff Owens is handling this for NBHA and Tanya has giveaways almost every week and reports results as soon as NBHA events are done each day.
The 2015 year end awards will be held on March 20 at Ks Korner in Sterling IL.  Each and every IL 04 member is invited to attend even if you are not receiving an award - attend!!!
The 2015 show season is over and the points totaled up.  Below are the members who will be receiving awards for this year.
Here are the top 5 members for OPEN:
Tamber Babler
Duane Diedrich
Cortney Engle & Tammy Spray-tie for 1st
Shari Morris
Derek Diedrich
Heather Schumacher
Megan Windish
Tammie Kear
Molly Johnson
Jade Ansteth
Jade Ansteth
Cody Gillette
Johnny Johnson
Courteny Campbell
Jessica Sears
Kayla Griffitt
Bonnie H Bucholz
Brittney Schroeder
Tiarra Paschall
Marilyn Springer

TOP 5 for the SENIOR:
Jim Hankins
Tammie Kear
Charlotte Wall
Johnny Johnson
Tammy Engle
CJ Stark
Tammie Kear
Chuck Springer
Deb Mason
Becky Johnson
Shari Morris
Shari Morris
Vicky Nutter
Jim Campbell
Kina Duke

TOP 5 for the YOUTH:
Jade Ansteth
Breanna Lucas
Megan Windish
Courtney Campbell
Emma Hoffman
Aubrey Yarger
Taylor Skromme
Riley Tillet
Taylor Skromme
Wyatt Johnson
Jessica Sears
Sylvia Hasz
Brittney Schroeder -tie for 5th
Lacie Staley
Brittney Schroeder
Rachel Windish -tie for 5th
The 2015 year end points were sent in to the NBHA office in GA. These points were in a 5-D format, required for the year end points from NBHA, so many of the IL 04 members will be seeing their names qualified for the NBHA Open/Senior/Youth World shows.  

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Thats all for now.


Keep the faith - Tammie

NBHA news:
for 2016:

1.  District points will be 
awarded on the 5-D format, 
all in 1/2 second divisions.  
This is only for the points 
getting sent to the Georgia 
office.  This will open up & 
allow more people to qualify 
for the World Shows.  This 
district (IL 04) will continue 
to accumulate points in the 
same format as we have 
done - 4-D for the open 
class and 3-D for the youth 
and seniors.  

2.  NBHA is re-instating the 
one year membership 
requirement in order to use 
a transferred wildcard.  This 
applies to anyone using a 
wildcard they did not them-
selves win.

3.  There will be a Super 
Senior class at the World 
Show open to all NBHA 
members age 60 or over on 
the day of the show.  No 
district qualifications or 
wildcards are required to 
participate in this class.

4.  At NBHA World, National 
& State shows, which use 
the two-go and finals format,
riders may qualify any 
number of horses per 
division to the finals.
Previously riders were limited 
to two horses per division.